About Us

The textile revolution, developed from the vision of Sri Karumuthu Thiagarajar Chettiar has a proud heritage of successful entrepreneurship. Throughout its rich history, it has always been the pioneer of all kinds of businesses and it has never stopped changing and innovating in all of its endeavors. Every futuristic idea formulated by the visionary founder has turned into business success.

It was in Sri Karumuthu Thiagarajar Chettiar’s house that Mahatma Gandhi stopped wearing shirt on seeing the poor people wearing small dhoti. The group is also known for taking the lead in the emergence of IT exports in India in the 1980s by housing companies like Texas Instruments in its Sona Towers at Millers Road, Bangalore.

In 1940 our founder had the vision to start textile industries for which he wanted to raise educational institutions. He especially established diploma colleges, as he realized the acute need for skilled and trained technicians in various sectors like textiles, mechanical, electrical and electronics and civil engineering. 

Each discipline had its own growth supported by the industry, like their own textile mills, the Sona Valliappa Group. This was another revolution in the field of education and commerce. He built textile mills which spread over hundreds of thousands of square feet. 

Sri Karumuthu Thiagarajar Chettiar has been the uncrowned king of the textile industry and in 1972 he was the largest spinner of textile yarn in the world. Over the years, his son-in-law Sri Chockalingam Chettiar established a large base of textile mills in Salem and with his son Sri. C. Valliappa established mills all over Karnataka. 

The textile mills thereafter grew rapidly under the care of the illustrious sons of C. Valliappa, Chocko Valliappa and Thyagu Valliappa. Today Sona Valliappa Group is an organization renowned for original research in textiles.

Thyagu Valliappa, one of the youngest entrepreneurs has added a feather to the cap of Sona Valliappa Group. He has patented silk stretch through National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) and has a joint venture with Central Silk Board, Bangalore, for establishing silk stretch with filature, dupion and spun silk yarns for the first time in India. He has created this on a scientific formula against all odds.

In recent days Sona Valliappa Group has integrated textile manufacturing from yarn to garment making. The special innovation is either fashionable or cost effective products. Today its focus is to create customers for each of its verticals be it yarn, fabric, garment or home textiles.  

Right from its establishment the Sona Valliappa Group has sustained its egalitarian tradition!